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Welcome to the Zealander International Ltd Distribution Opportunity.

The company is looking for distributors to promote Zealander Pure™ in different territories around the world. Zealander International will provide exclusive rights to selected distributors who will hold the Zealander agency in their country or territory.

Only individuals or companies with relevant experience, financial backing and dealership knowledge should apply.

Please answer the following questions and e-mail your application for distribution rights to Zealander International.
1/. Name of company or individual seeking distribution rights
2/. Address, contact, e-mail, phone, fax, etc.
3/.The territory you wish to distribute the products in. Please note that we wish to give exclusive rights to each territory or country. If a country is very large we may request that you only distribute the products in a particular region.
4/.Why you feel you are the best candidate to hold the agency in your territory?
5/.Current compeditior products currently being sold in your territory
6/. Expected distribution chanells you will utilise to sell the product?
7/. Expected unit sales - forcasted for the next 2 years
8/. Information regarding your financial abilites.
9/. Will you operate seperatly or with sub distributors?
10/. Do you currently have sales experiance or a sales force?
11/. Do you currently sell or distribute any other products?
12/.?????? anything else you would like to add.
E-mail you compleated market assesment and application to

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